Ashley Krauss, Owner

With a passion for bridal fashion, a business background, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ashley Krauss launched A Little Something White Bridal Couture with the goal of bringing something fresh, energizing, and unique to Fairfield County in the world of bridal. Ashley has had a love of all things bridal for as long as she can remember, but suspects it dates back to the time when she and her sister would dress up in their mother’s gowns, heels, and costume jewelry and parade around the house for hours on end. After spending eight years working for a top tier investment bank, where Ashley became well-known and respected for her client relationship expertise, Ashley decided to turn her bridal dreams into reality with the formation of A Little Something White Bridal Couture.

Throughout her life, Ashley has always been known for her positive energy, strong work ethic, creative spirit and dedication to the people in her life. Ashley created A Little Something White with these qualities in mind, aspiring to create a boutique that was stylish while also being welcoming, an experience attuned to the desires of the bride, and a gown shopping memory for her brides that is happy and unforgettable. Launching and running her business has been a truly fulfilling life experience. However, her passion is her brides and the business is simply her way of reaching them.

Ashley resides in Fairfield County where she is active in her community in various social and educational organizations. In 2014, Ashley was named one of Fairfield County’s top 40 businesspeople under the age of 40. In her free time, you will find Ashley spinning on her Peloton bike, running outdoors, reading a business book, having dinner with friends, or her favorite….spending time with her husband and two young boys. In turning her dream into a reality, Ashley credits the support of her loving husband and adorable sons who, in addition to her business, are the greatest sources of joy in her life.

Want to know a little bit more about Ashley? Follow her personal Instagram account: @TheBrideWhisperer.