Pre-Wedding Day Prep {Part 2 – Nutrition}

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Today we kick off part two of our three part series focusing on things you should be doing now to make sure you are ready for the big day! Last time we touched on beauty….today we talk nutrition! We sat down with owner Ashley Krauss, who is also a health and wellness coach (we just love that entrepreneurial spirit), to find out her top nutrition tips for brides.

After working with thousands of brides over the years, the common theme I hear time and again is that brides want to look and feel amazing on their wedding days. While for many brides, this means losing some degree of weight and toning up, for others it’s simply that they want to move through the wedding process with more energy and less exhaustion. Nutrition plays such a critical role in all of his, yet I find many brides downplay its importance. I always advise my brides to pay close attention to what they are putting into their bodies daily, even if they aren’t trying to lose weight, but especially if they are! Below are some of my top tips!

Start Early
Changing your eating habits? I encourage you to start early. You should begin your wedding-day nutritional regimen 4-6 months prior to your first fitting. If you have a substantial weight loss goal, I would recommend even more time. Additionally, you are going to want to reach your weight loss goal by the time your first fitting begins (about 2 1/2 months before your wedding) and then plan to maintain from that point on. If you continue to lose weight after your first fitting, you could be looking at a higher-than-average alterations bill.

Focus on progress, not perfection
A wedding often turns even the most laid-back woman into a perfectionist. So much emphasis is placed on having the “perfect day”, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at things in a very black-and-white way. Weight loss is not a linear path and there is no such thing as perfection. Focus on making progress and allow for some set-backs, and you will be much more successful.

Nutrition is 80%, Exercise is 20%
While exercise is amazing, improving your nutrition is correlated with much success in losing weight and gaining energy than simply exercising more. As an avid Peloton rider, I often hear fellow riders ask the instructors where they get their abs from…and their answer is always “my abs are made in the kitchen.” There is so much truth to that, and while I always encourage exercise, the biggest change you need to make is with what you put in your mouth.

Don’t Go It Alone!
Want to make sure you stick to our goals? Grab your fiancé, maid of honor, bridesmaid, even mom to lose weight with you! After all, you aren’t the ONLY one who wants to look good on your wedding day! When you pair up with someone else, you hold each other accountable. And accountability is proven to be a huge motivating factor for those trying to lose weight. It’s easy to cheat on ourselves, but it’s harder to cheat on someone you care about. Pick one or two people who you know are truly motivated and ask them to get healthy with you. And then after your wedding, think of how amazing you will feel knowing that you inspired someone else to get healthy! I would also advise working with an expert who can help you evaluate your goals, come up with a program to make those goals achievable, and hold you accountable.

Reduce Stress
You’re probably thinking, “I’m planning a wedding, is this tip a joke?” And I get it. I remember being so stressed out while planning my wedding, and I wish I could go back and have a do-over (same guy though!) Research shows that the more stressed we are, the more cortisol is released into our body. And a higher level of cortisol is linked to weight gain, especially in women. Additionally, when we’re stressed, we tend to engage in habits that aren’t waistline friendly, such as eating and drinking. So acknowledge that while you can’t get rid of stress completely, you can take some steps to reduce it. Add exercise, get a massage, get better sleep, and delegate some of your wedding prep tasks!

Get Sleep
Try to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night on most nights. I know this may sound unrealistic to do all the time, but try to achieve it as often as possible. Even if you aren’t getting the full 6 hours, stack the odds in your favor that the sleep you get is restful. Studies show that those who are chronically sleep deprived have a much harder time losing weight. In this day and age, we tend to tie our self-worth into how “busy” we are, and so many people wear sleep deprivation like a badge of honor. It’s not, and it’s not going to serve you well in your weight loss goals!

Listen To Your Gut
Gut health…say what?!?! It’s not the most fun topic but quite important if you’re trying to lose weight. Even the healthiest of foods, like fresh fruit and veggies, are much less nutritionally dense today than they were 30 years ago. Add in all of the processed, sugar-laden food present today and our bodies are not functioning optimally. Your gut may very well be lacking in the good bacteria that keeps it healthy, as they are not given an environment to grow and thrive. This can lead to bloating and other digestive issues. We recommend adding an excellent quality probiotic to your diet each day as well as eating clean, unprocessed foods as often as possible (do 80% of your shopping at the perimeter of your grocery store and you should be good!)

Stay Hydrated
Water, water, water!! Drink as much water as possible. A good rule of thumb is to aim for ½-1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. So a 150 pound person should be drinking 75-150 ounces per day. Water does so many things for our body – aids in digestion, helps our brain function optimally, and actually helps us feel less hungry. In fact, the next time you think you’re hungry, drink an 8 ounce glass of water first. Our brains often mistake thirst cues for hunger cues.

Thank you, Ashley, for taking the time to share your wisdom with us! If you have any questions or are looking to get a jump start on your nutrition, please contact Ashley at Ashley is generously offering complementary consultations to anyone referencing this blog post.

Stay tuned for “Part 3” – Exercise Tips!

Vendors we Love: Shindig Lighting

I am so excited for today’s vendor feature!!! Dan Gombos started Shindig Lighting after seeing that the the wedding market was lacking in lighting production. And now, years later, he is THE person to go to in Connecticut and the surrounding area if you want the best of the best in lighting for your wedding! Not long after starting ALSW, I had the opportunity to meet this insanely talented (and incredibly nice) guy. Little did I know that Dan would end up working with TONS of ALSW brides. Read on below to find out how Dan approaches the wedding, what you should expect when working with him, and his favorite design that he has ever created! Thank you, Dan for taking the time to talk to us!

ALSW: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Dan: I worked for a catering company in Westport as a high school summer job. Toward the end of summer, after working enough events, I asked my boss what service was “missing” in our area. Without hesitation he responded “lighting”. And the rest is history. The next week I went out and started buying lighting fixtures (with no knowledge whatsoever of what I was doing) and hustlin’ to get those bookings!

ALSW: What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
Dan: While we’re not always on-site during the reception, our favorite part of the day is setting up. We love the energy and comradery of being around the other vendors. That’s where our relationships are made and help us do our job better!

ALSW: What do you feel is most important when meeting with a couple?
Dan: Since our business is very visual, it’s extremely important that the client understands the image we’re trying to paint and vice-versa. Lighting and decor is possibly the most foreign vendor a couple will book; a lot of words and phrases will be met with blank stares. It’s our job to convey, through words and visual imagery, what we’re talking about and how these services could be incorporated to their wedding.

ALSW: Where do you pull inspiration from?
Dan: We work hard on being ahead of the upcoming trends, which means, for the past 2 years, we’ve been looking alot at Australia. This upcoming season you’ll find a lot of lighter wood / rattan and natural colors from us. We invested heavily last year in certain items and have added a few more for this season. We’ll keep recommending these items and designs for the next year but will take cues from other parts of the world for what will be popular next year.

ALSW: What should a couple expect when working with you?
Dan: We consider ourselves a boutique company and only take a few events a day. This allows us to keep our services personal enough where we can really get involved and develop a design that is cohesive with the rest of the reception. While most couples are hesitant to give a vendor a “budget”, it’s crucial for us to know what they’re comfortable investing. We like to work backwards with a starting figure to make a cohesive design rather than work UP to a budget and play around with “which items can we mix-and-match to get to this number”?

ALSW: What would you say is your “style”?
Dan: We like to be on-trend but also offer classic options. We have classic styles of chandeliers (crystal, iron orbs, edison bulb beams) but also have more modern and current options (geometric brass, rattan market baskets, sputnik gold chandeliers). Our custom fabric options allow us to be traditional for a wedding or we can change the texture and style for a bar mitvzah. Flexibility allows us to adapt to what are clients are looking for.

ALSW: What would you say was your favorite design you’ve created so far?
Dan: This past summer we were hired to create a custom grid “chandelier”, which consisted of 3 10′ x 10′ lattice frames. From the lattice we suspended, at various heights, various sized iron orbs with chandeliers inside the orbs. In addition we also suspended, also at various heights, different sized grapevine balls wrapped with twinkle lights. In total we hung about 3 dozen fixtures, a dozen from each lattice section. Each lattice section was then suspended at different heights above the dancefloor, which really gave a unique texture to the ceiling area as well as creating great depth in the tent!

Below are a few of Dan’s favorite photos displaying his work! For additional photos, please visit the Shindig Lighting website!

Pre-Wedding Day Prep {Part 1 – Beauty}

Today we kick off part one of a three-part series focused on helping you to look and feel your best on your wedding day! There are three critical areas to focus on in the months before the wedding day – skincare, nutrition, and exercise – and we have discovered that most brides start thinking about these much later than they should.

Erin Infantino of Simply Gorgeous by Erin graciously agreed to meet me for drinks (coffee for me and celery juice for Erin!) to share what a bride’s skincare regimen should be in the months leading up to her wedding day and why this is so important! Erin has been a makeup artist for over two decades and has done the makeup of countless ALSW brides.

Every bride wants her skin to look flawless on her wedding day. What I have noticed among my thousands of brides over the years is that they all have questions about skincare. And the one important thing to know is that makeup will only look so good as the skin it sits upon. My personal philosophy is to make skin look flawless with as little foundation and concealer as possible. No one wants a caked on face! This is where a good skin care routine comes in. I recommend starting about six months before your wedding day, if possible. The sooner you start a good skincare routine, the more time you will have to reap the rewards of it. Below are some of my top tips. I could probably go on forever but I don’t want to overload you with information!

Drink Water
If you think you drink enough water, you most likely don’t! You should be drinking roughly half your weight in ounces of water. If you weigh 150 pounds, you need to drink 75 ounces of water. Throw some lemon in it and just make it happen.

Always Wash Your Face Before Bed
Even if you didn’t wear makeup that day, you still touched dirty surfaces and surely touched your face. Wash all that bacteria away and prep your skin with products your skin can soak up and benefit from.

Schedule a Personal Consultation with a Skin Care Expert
Every woman has their own unique skin so a personal consultation with an aesthetician or skin care expert is smart. Oily skin has different needs than dry skin or sensitive skin, and you want your own personal skin care goals to be addressed. Don’t try to get advice from a sales rep behind a counter. Make sure the individual has been educated and trained on the skin’s anatomy and what ingredients you should use or stay away from.

Gut Health
Let’s talk “gut health”. Too much sugar or dairy in your diet will wreak havoc on your skin. Our gut is our second brain and tells our body what to do. Our skin is our largest organ so if something isn’t right internally it will manifest itself in your skin. Keep sugar, dairy and alcohol to a minimum. Take a probiotic that’s suitable for you – I recommend a high quality one that requires refrigeration. Health is always a worthwhile investment.

Add These Products to Your Regimen
One product all skin types can benefit from is a Hyaluronic acid serum. This is naturally found in our bodies and is nothing to be worried about just because it has the word “acid” in it. It’s a hydration booster and plumps up the skin to appear nice and healthy and vibrant. Even if you’re oily, you can be dehydrated and you can benefit from this. Its meant to be worn under your moisturizer or can be worn alone if you’re excessively oily. A second product most skin types can benefit from is Vitamin C serum. Make sure it’s an L-Ascorbic as this tends to cause less or no irritation. This brightens the skin, feeds the skin’s strength, and fights off free radicals and toxins in the air.

Your Daily Routine Matters
If you decide to do facials, please, PLEASE invest in good at-home skin care as well. It’s pointless to get your car detailed and washed if you’re never going to maintain basic cleaning in the days afterwards. The same goes for your skin…what you do day to day matters most!

Thank you, Erin, for taking the time to share these tips with us. Erin and her team can be reached at erin@simplygorgeousbyerin, on Facebook, and on Instagram!

Stay tuned for “Part 2” next week – Nutrition Tips!

Vendors we Love: Will Talamelli Films

We are thrilled to feature Will Talamelli Films! Not only are we blown away by his talent, we have such a connection with this talented guy and he has become a friend to ALSW. We sat down with Will to talk about how he approaches your wedding day, his adorable daughter Adylae, and how he got his start in the wedding industry! Thank you, Will for taking the time to talk to us!

ALSW: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Will: I was doing some video production around New Haven for small businesses and restaurants. During that time my friend Matt Branscombe was building a really great wedding photography business. His client asked if he was able to record a couple clips, instead of being distracted and possibly missing a shot he asked me if I could do it. I took that as an opportunity to break into the wedding industry by making a six minute film of the day. I still had a lot to learn but that gave me the platform to get more work.

ALSW: What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
Will: The father-daughter dance is my favorite part. I keep picturing the day I’ll get to do that with my daughter.

ALSW: What do you feel is most important when meeting with a couple?
Will: It’s so important to be comfortable with the people you hire, because I’m with a couple during their entire wedding day. To me it’s important that after a few minutes we’re laughing like old friends.

ALSW: When making a film where do you pull inspiration from?
Will: Oh that is such a loaded question {lol}. I’m very interested in utilizing the environments I’m in and incorporating those characteristics in the film. I could literally talk about this forever but one of my biggest inspirations is listening to other creatives. Hearing how musicians, artists, film makers, chefs etc. think is very inspiring and makes me want to work harder.

ALSW: What should a couple expect when working with you?
Will: That I’m really easy going. Anxious energy is contagious and there are usually a lot of nerves on a wedding day so I try to be as calm as possible. Also, expect to see me in weird places for cool shots, bushes, flowers, high grass, even in a tree on one occasion.

ALSW: What would you say is your “style”?
Will: I call my videos atmospheric. Any environment I’m in plays a big part in the visual structure of my videos. I try to highlight the personality of the environment as much as I can and in a way make a separate character of out it.

ALSW: What is something you can’t live without?
Will: Aside from the obvious of my little girl, ice cream. I swear I’m an adult but ice cream is just the best.

ALSW:What state or country would you like to go back to, or visit?
Will: I really want to go to Japan and just eat everything.

ALSW: What is something that makes your day better?
Will: If we are talking a wedding day – when I am not worried about time. If there is a first look and I get all the romantic stylized shots out of the way I feel so good about the rest of the day. It’s the best feeling when you know you have all your money maker shots in the bag and the rest of the day is just creative documentation. There is just this feeling of relief to the whole process, especially knowing I don’t have to bother the bride and groom and take them away from their cocktail hour or dinner. I know my job is to make the best video possible for the couple and if I have to grab them for a couple minutes it’s not a big deal but I do try to respect the fact that a wedding day can be overwhelming and everyone needs a minute to breathe. So not having to do that is such a good feeling – but if there is a beautiful sunset I’m pulling them away from whatever they’re doing!

ALSW: What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever been to?
Will: Barcelona. I want to go back and do more exploring, I saw all the must sees but I’d like to experience the lesser known parts.

ALSW: What is your claim to fame?
Will: Hahaha, I’m not famous but I’ll take this opportunity to say this. I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the help of my friends. Matt Branscombe of BSC Studio gave me the opportunity to film my first wedding which I am forever grateful for and Amy Jones of Amy Champagne Events helped my business develop. She liked my work and enjoyed working with me so she sold me to 8 couples in one season. It completely changed my portfolio for the better and I’ll never stop being grateful for the risk she took on an unknown wedding vendor that she saw something in. Also everyone in the industry that recommends me, I always say thank you but it’s extremely flattering that an a very crowded industry the people I respect recommend me to their clients.

ALSW: What are some of your talents?
Will: I love film making in all forms but it’s not my only medium of art. I went to art school for illustration and painting, I’ve been a musician for 22 years and I’m a retired chef. I’m was actually the youngest chef in Connecticut to get an “Excellent” rating from the New York Times. Sounds like a brag but I worked so hard for that I’m not afraid to tell everyone!

We worked with Will on a promotional video for ALSW a few years ago, and we love it!

Below are two beautiful ALSW brides whose hired Will to shoot their wedding. Enjoy these short clips from their wedding videos!

Vendors we Love: Brooke Allison Photography

Today we are highlighting Brooke Allison Photography! With her use of soft pastels and natural light her work has an overall calming effect. Brooke’s eye for detail and loving approach towards her couples makes her a definite favorite of our brides!

~About Brooke~

i’m brooke, and one day i woke up and told my husband, “i’m going to be a wedding photographer.” No, really. i said it aloud + believed it deep in my bones (my husband smiled back at me but secretly thought it was just dream talk). At the time, i was working long hours at a corporate marketing job and had never owned a camera of my own.

That was nine years ago and shooting weddings continue to take my breath away. My approach to photographing weddings is like Type A-control freak mixed with a free spirit who loves natural light; basically, let’s plan the day ahead as best possible so we are left with nothing but a day of possibilities … where we can get lost shooting together outside somewhere.

My favorite photos are the stolen moments where you and your loved one just breathe each other in. i like to blend into the surroundings, capturing the organic + candid moments that unfold.

i shoot anywhere + everywhere but especially love intimate weddings, backyard weddings, classic style weddings, weddings under a tent covered in drapery and twinkling lights but most importantly, weddings filled with sentiment + family + meaning. A location is nothing without a genuine love story.

i’m a wife + momma to a strong-willed + energetic little boy and sweet + cuddly little girl (they are the loves of my life + we fought hard to get them here). i drink french press coffee every morning, love antiquing (especially thrift stores in cape cod with my mom + sister every summer) and wild flowers in my house (in cute jars I’ve scored at a tag sale or thrift store).

i spend my afternoons gardening + watering our plants with my sweet boy (he loves to help and has his own watering can), could eat endless donuts (especially old-fashioned) and have an abnormally large china + glassware collection (all cheap + meaningless to most people but they make me so happy). Classic new england architecture and preppiness is my jam. And, of course, everyday is better when it ends with a beer (an IPA + the hoppier the better).

The commonality with all my brides is that something about my work + who i am + what i love resonates with them; i feel lucky that this often leads to a friendship + cocktail dates where we share our love of the target dollar bin + other fun stuff.

i hope that this tiny look into me + my work inspires you to connect.

You can follow Brooke and her beautiful photography on Instagram at @brookeallisonphoto (weddings) and @storiesofsentiment (family sessions).

Below are just a few of the many ALSW brides that Brooke has photographed!

New website!!!

I am beyond excited for this announcement! After over a year of work in my free time (meaning late at night after my kids are asleep), A Little Something White has a new website! Thank goodness for the amazing talent, dedication, and patience of 540 Design Studio and its owner, Matt Stellwagen. Your expertise is unparalleled and it has been a pleasure to watch your company grow and flourish over the last two years since we first spoke!!

There is so much to love about the new website! Below I have listed a few of my favorite parts. Click on an image below and you will be taken directly to that page on the website. Enjoy this labor of love!!!

Real Weddings

A page featuring the wedding day photos of A Little Something White brides!! I could seriously spend all day long on this page of the website. When you click on one of the images, you will be taken to a page with additional photos and a Q&A between A Little Something White and the bride related to her experience working with the ALSW team and her engagement and wedding day details. Any ALSW bride can submit her wedding to be featured on this page!

Sample Sale

Are you looking for a couture bridal gown at  a fraction of the price? This page shows the beautiful gowns we currently have on our sample sale rack. Most of the gowns are in excellent condition!

Press, Awards, & Accolades

We are so grateful for all of the awards, accolades, and press we have received since our launch in 2012. Thank you to the many industry publications who have featured our work as well as recognized us for excellence in our field. We are truly dedicated to making sure the experience of shopping for a bridal gown is spectacular, and we are always honored when someone takes the time to tell us we have done that well.


Thank you to the numerous brides who have left us such positive reviews over the last three years. Every time we read a review we are completely humbled by your kind words! On this page we have included links to the most prominent review websites so that you can see what our brides have to say about us or leave a review for us!

Happy New Year!!

Spectacular. That is the best word I can choose to sum up how I feel about 2013. For me, it was a year of incredible happiness, both professionally and personally. Coming into the year, I had high expectations for A Little Something White for its first full year in business. And as I reflect back on the year, I cannot help but feel immense pride at what my team accomplished. As a small shop, we all work tirelessly with the goal of ensuring our brides have an amazing experience. We had the pleasure of working with several hundred brides this year and are so grateful for those of you who gave us the opportunity of working with you on your wedding day. Many of you took the time to tell us how happy you were with your experience at A Little Something White, and we are so appreciative of that feedback. It was you speaking up that helped us to receive several accolades this year. For the second year in a row, we were selected as one of The Knot’s best bridal salons, an award that is decided based on the reviews of our brides. Additionally, we received the honor of Moffly Media’s “Best of Gold Coast” award in the Bridal Gowns category. This was voted on by our brides just six months after we opened, and is therefore all the more meaningful for us!

In the midst of this thrilling year for the store, I was blessed with my second child in July, a boy we named William. A lot of people told me I was crazy to start a business and have another child in the same year, but as I reflect back on the last six months, I can only thing that I am immensely fortunate. Will has been a true blessing and while he has added an extra element of crazy to my life, it is far outweighed by the happiness he has brought us. And after successfully (at least I think so) managing a growing business, a newborn, and a three year old over the last five months, I feel incredibly fulfilled both professionally and personally.

I would be remiss if I didn’t end this post with an enormous thank you to my team. To Amber, who managed the store effortlessly over the last five months while I spent a little extra time with my family, and Kim, who joined us in June, hit the ground running from day one, and has dazzled so many of our brides in her short time here, and Bridget, who ensured every single one of our brides had the perfect fit on her wedding day (I’m not kidding, I can honestly say that every single bride was happy with her alterations), I can only say thank you a million times over from the bottom of my heart. You are a special team and I am immensely grateful for everything. Thank you to my family as well, for continuing to support me day in and day out. It is because of you that I am able to dedicate myself to growing this successful business and I am and always will be your biggest fan.

Cheers to an amazing 2014!!


Photo credit: Pinterest

Happy Anniversary to A Little Something White!

This month marks our first anniversary! When we opened our doors last September, we had no idea how truly special the year would be. To our lovely brides, we would like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you to you and your families and friends for giving us the honor of working with you. Each and every one of you has a special place in our heart. We hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we loved working with you!

In honor of this milestone, we are running an exciting promotion in the month of September! You can either visit A Little Something White and enter your information on our sign in form or visit our website and fill out the Get In Touch form between September 1st-30th. Once you do this, you will be entered to receive one of the following prizes! Winners will be drawn at random on October 1st and notified via email or phone. And just for entering, you will receive 10% off the accessory of your choice!


Top Twelve from Twenty Twelve!

As I say goodbye to 2012, I can’t help but do so with a huge smile. Our “year” was only four months long, from when we opened in September through now. In reality, there was a lot more that happened in 2012 behind the scenes, but the fun stuff really began after opening our doors on September 10th. So, to truly say goodbye to 2012 and begin to celebrate the amazing year that I know 2013 will be, I thought I would compile my top 12 favorite things from 2012!

12) Opening day

This day will always be memorable for me, for two reasons. First, it was the day I had envisioned for two years as I planned and researched…and then planned and researched some more! To see A Little Something White Bridal Couture finally open will always rank up there as one of the more memorable days in my life. Second, it was the day my sweet little boy started preschool for the first time, another very memorable moment in my life! In retrospect, those are two pretty momentous things to happen on the same day!!

11) Grace Ormonde VIP Party

Just over one week after opening, we had the distinct pleasure of attending and showcasing our gowns at the Grace Ormonde VIP party in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The event was the over-the-top amazingness  that one expects from Grace Ormonde (for a recap click here). We were truly honored to be a part of this event, and many wonderful things have already happened as a result of being invited to participate in that event.

10) Our first successful trunk show

We hosted our first trunk show, featuring the Kelly Faetanini collection, on November 2nd and 3rd. We had put this date on the calendar back in May and we were so excited for it! The Monday prior, Hurricane Sandy barreled through the Connecticut coast. While we were incredibly fortunate to have no damage to the store, we were left without power for almost a week. That means we did our trunk show with no power or heat. We will eternally be grateful to the brides who came in that weekend and helped to make it our most successful weekend up to that point. We know we have wonderful brides, but you ladies redefined the word amazing!!

9) October bridal market

Bridal market, where we head to NYC to figure out which gowns from each designer’s most recent collection we want to purchase for the store, is always fun, tiring, and exciting…but this time around it was even more thrilling. Before we opened, we went to market to buy what we thought our brides would want to wear for their wedding. This time we went to market knowing our brides tastes, preferences, and desires, and it was so fun to buy from our designer’s collections with our brides at the forefront of our mind. We have started getting our gowns in and they are drop-dead gorgeous!!

8) Photoshoots at the store with Coren Moore

We are fortunate that Coren Moore, one of our most sought-after designers, has her headquarters in Darien about 2 miles from our store. Coren did a major revamp of her bridal and bridesmaids collections in 2012, and therefore needed updated photography of her collections for her website. We were so excited to welcome Coren and several other wonderful individuals to the store to shoot her collections. Click here for a snapshot of some of the bridesmaids style taken at A Little Something White!

7) Learning of our Best of Weddings 2013 pick

Right after Thanksgiving we were notified that we were one of the Connecticut bridal salons selected by The as a “Best of Weddings 2013” vendor. What means the most to us about this is that it is selected by our brides and it was voted on after we had only been open for 2 months. We have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into giving our brides a one-of-a-kind, positive, and happy experience, and this was the first real validation we received that what we are doing is having an impact.

6) Our first sale

We had our first sale on Saturday, September 15th, the first Saturday we were open. Our sweet bride, Lindsay, walked into our store with both her mother and future mother-in-law, who had just met right before the appointment, but got along so well that you would have sworn they had known each other forever. Lindsay was getting married in less than three months and was nervous about finding something in time. She selected the beautiful Felicite gown by Anna Maier, and when she walked down the aisle on her wedding day, she looked stunning. Every bride we work with is special to us, but the excitement I felt that day after working with Lindsay will always stand out in my mind.

5)  Grand Opening party

Being surrounded by family and friends to celebrate the Grand Opening of A Little Something White was absolutely amazing. It was such a happy, special occasion and reminded me of just how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many great people. Click here for a fun recap of our Grand Opening party!

4) My Assistant Manager, Amber

Most of you that have visited A Little Something White have either met or worked with Amber, my Assistant Manger. When you are the owner of a new business, one of the hardest things to do is find someone who espouses the qualities, skills, and personality you want for your business. How I got so lucky with Amber I will never know, but I am thankful for her every single day. Hiring Amber and then realizing she was just as awesome in person as she seemed when I interviewed her absolutely goes down as one of the best (and most relieving!!!) moments of 2012!

3) Forming wonderful relationships

Over the last year, I have been incredibly fortunate to meet many wonderfully talented individuals in the industry, from photographers, to florists, to wedding planners…the list is endless. So many of you have been an incredible source of support for me as I have gotten the business off the ground and I feel so fortunate to know you. I look forward to continuing to learn from you, watching your ongoing success, and hopefully partnering with you at some point in 2013. You might be someone I met once, someone I know just over Facebook, or someone I have worked with on an ongoing basis. All of you are important to me, and if I can ever do anything to support your business in the way you have supported A Little Something White, I will gladly do so.

2) My family

I find it impossible to accept any compliments on the success of A Little Something White without expressing gratitude for my wonderful family, who has been a constant source of support over the last few months. From my parents and sister, to my in-laws, to my loving husband, Dave, and sweet little boy, Ben, I am eternally grateful for everything you have done to help me over the last few months.

1) Our brides

This list would be meaningless if it didn’t include the amazing ladies who have walked through the door of A Little Something White in the last few months. Working with each of you has been a dream, and we feel so lucky to be part of such an exciting time in your life. Most of you will be married by the next time we ring in the New Year, and we are so excited for you. To be part of even a fraction of your big day is truly an honor for us and you will always be an important part of the “A Little Something White” family.

Black Friday, White Saturday

Looking for something to do this holiday weekend? Join a Little Something White Bridal Couture for a special “Black Friday, White Saturday” event! This Friday and Saturday only we are offering you 10% off your bridal gown purchase.

As a small business, we absolutely love that this Saturday is “Small Business Saturday”, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses around the country. But we figure, why not give something back to our customers? After all, it is our amazing customers who allow us to continue to do what we love day in and day out by supporting our business throughout the year. So, to say “thank you”, we would like to offer you 10% off the purchase of your bridal gown.

Additionally, those who purchase from us on the 24th (Saturday) using their American Express card are eligible to receive $25 back. You simply need to register your card here before the 24th (or until the enrollment fills up) and then purchase from us on Saturday!

Please contact us today to make your appointment. We expect appointments for this weekend to book up quickly!

Please note that this offer is not to be combined with any other offers.