ALSW Operations Enhancements for COVID-19

First and foremost, we hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy. We are overjoyed that A Little Something White can re-open on May 20th. In order to ensure the health and safety of our customers + employees as well as to comply with the state rules, we are implementing the following at A Little Something White until further notice.

~New Store Operations~

1. If you or your guest can answer “yes” to any of the following, we are asking that you refrain from entering the store. Are you sick, have a fever (temperature above 100 degrees), or have had one in the past 14 days? Have you been exposed to anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days? Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined? We will happily reschedule you for a time when you or your guest are healthy.

2. We are asking our stylists to connect with you over Zoom/Facetime or the phone, at a minimum. This will allow us to learn about your wedding and get to know you so that we can pre-select some gowns for you (don’t worry, we will still show you around the store!) as well as gather some important information that we typically have you fill out by-hand.

3. Masks must be worn in the store at all times. If you or your guest is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, just let us know and we would be happy to schedule you an after-hours appointment.

4. We will be maintaining a maximum occupancy of 10 people. This means every customer is invited to bring 1 guest with them to their appointment. Want to bring more than 1 person? No problem! We have reserved certain appointment slots after hours for those wanting to bring multiple guests with them.

5. Please call the store after you park your car. We are asking that you remain in your car until we have properly sanitized the area you will be working in following the previous appointment. We will call you and let you know when you can enter.

6. We will ask you to wash your hands immediately upon entering the store. Hand sanitizer will be available at the front entrance as well as in ever bridal suite.

7. Bathrooms and elevators will be sanitized after every use.

8. Employees will be washing their hands in between appointmets

9. Bridal suites will be fully sanitized in between appointments. Any items touched during an appointment are being set aside and will be sanitized immediately following the appointment.

10. Bridal gowns and hangers will be steamed and sanitized in between try-ons.

11. Curbside pickup and drop-off as well as virtual appointments are available for anyone who is not yet comfortable coming into the store.

Keeping everyone safe and healthy is of the utmost important to us. If you have any questions about or procedures, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Message From our Owner about COVID-19 & ALSW Operations

Updated March 23rd, 12:00pm

First and foremost, we hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy.

To our brides, even during the best of times, wedding planning can be challenging. We would imagine that right now, things have gotten even more complicated for you. To our high school graduates and parents, please know that we, too, are sad for all of the things your child is missing out on right now during this important phase of their life. All of us at A Little Something White are here to assist you in any way we can during this emotional time.

The health and safety of our staff and customers as well as the general population is critically important to us. As you know, Connecticut passed legislation on Friday, March 23rd requiring non-essential business to close until April 22nd. A Little Something White is considered non-essential, and as such we will be closed until that date. Please see a video below from owner Ashley regarding store operations during this time.

To the extent that I can be of any assistance to you during this time, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Wishing you and your families health and resilience during this challenging time.

~Important Highlights~

1. All appointments between 3/23 and 4/22 will be rescheduled for a later date. Someone from the ALSW team will contact you in the next 24-48 hours.

2. Our managers (Kim and Angelica) will continue to work behind our locked doors and the store will remain operational during this time. This means we will continue to receive packages, check in items, and place orders during this period. This is allowed under the Governor’s executive order.

3. Curbside pickup and drop-off are available by appointment during this time.

7 Fashion Hacks Every Bride Should Know!

7 Fashion Hacks Every Bride Should Know!


Hi there- your gal pal Liz here, your in-house Marketing Coordinator/ former Assistant Wedding Planner + Jack of all Trades! I can’t wait to share with you some fashion hacks I’ve learned in my 10+ years working in the wedding industry! I’ll be going over everything from some day-of must haves to keep in your E-Kit (aka Emergency Kit) to what you can do leading up to the big day to ensure everything is perfect! Say au revoir to those pesky bridal nightmares, pinched toes, the unruly veil + the pestering strap that refuses to stay up, plus so much more, be sure to scroll down!

Prior to finding my current home at A Little Something White I had the privilege of working with the rockstars over at  Amy Champagne Events (they truly are prepared for everything) – can I just tell you the little E-Kit J-Lo wears around her waist in the movie “The Wedding Planner” (you know exactly the one I’m talking about) is a real thing! Some dress essentials I had with me were a sewing kit, white chalk (for mild stains), even safety pins (a must to ensure a quick repair for a torn bustle)! I’m surprised there wasn’t a replacement dress in there to be honest, that’s how amazing we were! Some other day of essentials I recommend are: mini scissors, bobby pins, double sided tape, Tide pen, travel hair spray, lip gloss, sun screen for your shoulders (in case it’s an outdoor wedding), static guard (for the colder months), travel spray deodorant, band-aids, pain/ stomach medicine, mini water bottles, floss + mints!

It’s time to equip yourself with the knowledge that the Pro’s have known for decades! Happy Scrolling Ladies!

xo Liz


Just like a seamstress should be your best friend, a shoe repair shop or (in this case) a shoe shaper should be your pair of Manolo’s best friend! From flats to 6″ heels, the company Formé has revolutionized the industry. Formé wings expand the toe box up to a ½ size, relieving numb + cramped toes. Prevents wrinkles + creasing so shoes stay looking new!

<> FORME – Shoe Shaper – $49 <>


If any part of your wedding day is outdoors, know that wind LOVES veils! These dainty little pearls are the perfect solution to avoid a veil fiasco. Our friends at FloraNorth are here to help with their chic Veil Weights retailing for $20 for a set of 10. The weights are held together by magnets (meaning no damage to your veil), so simply place the veil in between the magnets, either along the trim or scattered throughout. Voilà, you have yourself a veil that won’t ruin your ceremony!

<> Check out FloraNorth’s Etsy Shop <>
Veil: Toni Federici


Peel, Stick + GO! Perky Pear is the perfect match for a plunging neckline or for the bride who doesn’t want to worry about shifting all night long. With multiple styles available, you’ll definitely find the right fit! We’ve personally used these in store for brides up to a cup size GGG! Wowzers, to say these pears are AMAZING is a gross understatement! Don’t fret…we have them in stock!

<> Perky Pear $13-$33 <>


Another Peal, Stick + GO, these sole protectors from Sole Guard USA are definitely the way to go for those red bottom shoes, or even the “I DO” inscription written on the bottom of your bridal shoes! Make sure they stay scuff-free from the alterations to the Big Day!

<> Sole Guard USA $14 a pair <>


Spanx baby! This shape wear is one that most of our brides purchase…with 5 ways to wear it, this solves most, if not all, issues! Strapless dress with a lower back? Try the strapless version!

<> Spanx – Suit your fancy 5-way Convertible Body Suit $148 <>


This next one is such a game changer, you’re going to want to use it in your every day life! Have you ever wondered how professional dancers can wear those tight outfits, yet never have a wardrobe malfunctions? Ready for the inside scoop? They use BODY ADHESIVE! We’re excited to introduce JOMI Roll-On Body Adhesive, which has an easy apply roll on applicator. Just roll it on, let it dry enough to become tacky, and apply the strap or fabric you desire to keep in place. After the big night it washes off with soap and water. The best part is it’s even sweat proof, so dance your heart out ladies because there will be NO wardrobe malfunction for you!

<> JOMI – Roll on Body Adhesive $13 <>


For those of us who have worked out with our engagement rings on + experienced that feeling of dread when grabbing a weight + hear the metals rub together or maybe worse, a weight chips your diamond! Cringe worthy am I right, but you love your ring so much you hate to take it off? Well here’s a couple go to items for our work out goddesses! First up, a genius little invention that was thought up by one of our brides, Emily Bonadies, The Buffr ring protector is a soft silicone band that interlocks with your ring to ensure there are no scuffs, plus they’re available in multiple colors!

<> BUFFR – Ring Protector – $15 <>


Perfect for those activities we’d prefer not to have our rings on, a day at the beach, hiking or maybe even traveling! Try the Ring Hero, a wrist band that is ideal for easy access afterwards. Available in 3 colors!

<> RING HERO – Wristband – $20 <>

Looking for more Tips? Let us know how we can help! Click Here!!

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Wedding Dresses With Color

Wedding Dresses with Color!


History of the colored wedding dress goes back decades, even as far back as biblical times. Wedding attire started out as brides wearing their nicest dress to say “I Do”, yet brides of wealth wore gowns with gold or silver embellishment + lush fabrics. The customary white bridal gown we know today was popularized by Queen Victoria in 1840, she dawned the first white ball gown during her ceremony to Prince Albert.

FUN FACT: History states, brides of wealth would have their gowns cleaned + wear it again for multiple occasions… So next time someone jokes that you can shorten it and wear it again, maybe that’s a thought to entertain!


Pink has been the iconic color of femininity + what better day to show that off than your wedding day! From the soft pastels to the bold hues!

<> SAREH NOURI – Brooklyn, Peony, Violette <>
<> KELLY FAETANINI – Uma, Audrey <>


Blue, originally the most worn wedding dress color, prior to Queen Victoria’s statement white gown, blue was the color of “purity”. Blue’s an ideal match for weddings along the water, it will be your calming force that day!

<> SAREH NOURI – Eliza, Farah <>
<> KELLY FAETANINI – Margo, Star <>


Whether you’re pulling inspo from fall foliage or a regal bride who wants to stand out among the white columns of a historic mansion, perhaps even pull in a castle’s gold leaf detailing…Gold is a girls best friend – not just diamonds!

<> SAREH NOURI – Lucille <>
<> KELLY FAETANINI – Gwendelyn, Olga <>
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2019 at a Glance

This was the year of ball gowns, straps + statement bows! We saw a swing towards “the bigger the better” in the form of full ball gowns + long trains. While strapless gowns continue to set our brides’ hearts aflutter, we saw an increase in brides looking for gowns with straps. And don’t forget the statement pieces, the winner would have to be the detachable bows…what a great way to get two looks in one!

The one thing that hasn’t changed? Our brides are the BEST!!!! A huge thank you to all of our 2019 brides for continually reminding us why we have the best “job” in the world!


This year it was go big or go home, we have seen some of longest trains + biggest skirts we have ever seen. Talk about the wow factor!


Give me the straps! For many years, strapless dominated. These days, brides want to make sure they look different than their friends who said “I Do” before them. That means more brides are requesting some sort of strap. From thin to thick, off the shoulder to detachable, straps were a hit this past year!


We styled many brides this year who wanted a way of standing out! Statement pieces became a fan-favorite in the form of bows, capes, and unique fabrics.

Interested in any of these looks? Request an Appointment!

Bridal Gowns With Sleeves

You chose your venue + set the date…now it’s time for the gown! One current trend that we could literally wrap our arms around is SLEEVES! Read on below as we walk you through the different types of wedding gowns with sleeves + help you navigate which sleeve you’d love the most!


Carolina Herrera – “Lainey”
A floral-inspired lace sleeve is perfect for the bride who likes a traditional look. For the bride looking to modernize this classic style, we love the laser-cut lace Carolina selected for this gown, which gives it a more updated feel!


Suzanne Neville “Adair” | Sareh Nouri “Belle”
Winter whites can pack a punch when they’re done using crisp lines on sleek silhouettes. The ultimate in sophistication…you’ll be the talk of the town, just ask Meghan Markle.


Suzanne Neville “Luella”
The newest trend on the runway is that of subtle seduction, just a peek-a-boo, from a slit in the skirt to an unlined illusion top.

Love the look, but feel it’s a little too revealing? Great news: We can line the bodice and close up the slit.


Suzanne Neville “Topaz”
A hint of delicate garden-inspired applique, accented with subtle clear beading. This gown is the perfect nod to nature for a bride looking for whimsical elegance, and works equally for a summer or winter wedding!


Kelly Faetanini “Adair”
When you hear wedding gowns with sleeves, it doesn’t always have to be long, check out this next one! Another laser cut lace, yet this time instead of a floral pattern we have an intricate design, creating a bold fresh look. What’s even better about this gown is it can be done with short sleeves or long. Scroll down for our Real ALSW Bride rocking this gown in a full sleeve!

Real Bride Inspo!

VENDOR LOVE: Bride + Groom: Jackie + Tom | Photography: @robertnormanphotography | Gown: @kellyfaetanini | Venue: Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina


Suzanne Neville “Nouevau” | Amsale “Angeline”
Not fully committed to a sleeve? No worries…we have detachable options! Many of our designers can make the sleeve from an existing design detachable, or we can layer a jacket over the top of a gown to create a two-in-one look!

Interested in wedding gowns with sleeves? Request an Appointment!

Traveling With Your Bridal Gown

Having a destination wedding can be fun & exciting, yet can cause some stress when it comes to traveling with your gown! After more than seven years of working with destination brides, here are our top 3 tips that we’ve learned along the way!

1. First and foremost….carry your gown with you! We cannot stress this enough, so let us say it again. CARRY YOUR GOWN WITH YOU! You do not want to have to worry about a lost bridal gown in the few days prior to your wedding.

2. Most times if you contact your airline and inform them that you’ll be bringing your gown with you, they will suggest ways of storing it on board. In most cases the aircraft has a coat closet where you can store your gown.

3. Nervous of your gown leaving your sight? We have had brides purchase separate seats for their gowns! While not necessarily the most economical solution, sometimes that extra peace of mind is worth it!

1. ALSW brides receive a complimentary pressing of their gown. However, traveling with your gown can cause some slight wrinkles, causing the gown to need a slight touch up prior to you walking down the aisle. Planning to travel a distance? We can inform you of the dos and don’ts for touching up your gown fabric. When it comes to ironing versus steaming, it’s important to choose the correct method!

2. Call your hotel ahead of time to ensure there is an iron and steamer available. If not, arrange to rent one.

3. Some wedding venues have an in-house event planner that may provide a gown pressing service, so be sure to do your a little research before you arrive.

“I said I do, but I’m far from home, what should I do with the gown now?”

1. After spending a full day in your gown, it has likely collected some dirt throughout the day. The sooner you clean it, the better the results will be! We recommend bringing it back to A Little Something White as quickly as possible.

2. ALSW works closely with an award-winning gown cleaning company. All we ask is that you bring your gown back, pay for the service, and then we will send your gown out to be cleaned and preserved. It’s always good to protect your investment! Even better…as soon as it’s clean, it will be shipped directly to you.

3. Not returning to Connecticut right away? Not to worry…simply designate someone trustworthy to hand carry it back for you or arrange to ship it directly to us. Just give us a heads up if you’re shipping it so that we can be on the lookout for it!

Still haven’t found your gown? Request an Appointment!

Bridal Gowns For a Cause

We are a Proud Partner!

At A Little Something White we believe in the saying “Greatness is not how much you have, but what you give.” Giving back to fellow women and to a cause that is so near and dear to our hearts is so special to us. Our friends over at Brides Against Breast Cancer have been doing something amazing since 1997 by not only helping women to feel amazing on their wedding days, but also giving back to breast cancer research and preventative education.

In 2019, ALSW proudly donated $80,000 worth of bridal gowns to Brides Against Breast Cancer!!

Brides Against Breast Cancer | Pop Up Sample Sale


1. Donate your gown and receive a charity donation 501(c)(3) tax receipt.

2. A bride purchases your pre-owned gown at one of the Brides Against Breast Cancer Sample Sales.

3. Proceeds go to breast cancer research organizations and early detection education. Check out their Charity Mission Partners Here!

4. Feel amazing that your donation could save the life of another woman!

As seen on…

“Your kind support allows us to focus on our mission of early detection, awareness, and education to stop the development of breast cancer and save lives.”

Brides Against Breast Cancer
Donate your Dress!

Interested in giving back, but don’t have a gown to donate?

Donate Funds!


Be a Volunteer!

Pre-Wedding Day Prep {Part 2 – Nutrition}

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Today we kick off part two of our three part series focusing on things you should be doing now to make sure you are ready for the big day! Last time we touched on beauty….today we talk nutrition! We sat down with owner Ashley Krauss, who is also a health and wellness coach (we just love that entrepreneurial spirit), to find out her top nutrition tips for brides.

After working with thousands of brides over the years, the common theme I hear time and again is that brides want to look and feel amazing on their wedding days. While for many brides, this means losing some degree of weight and toning up, for others it’s simply that they want to move through the wedding process with more energy and less exhaustion. Nutrition plays such a critical role in all of his, yet I find many brides downplay its importance. I always advise my brides to pay close attention to what they are putting into their bodies daily, even if they aren’t trying to lose weight, but especially if they are! Below are some of my top tips!

Start Early
Changing your eating habits? I encourage you to start early. You should begin your wedding-day nutritional regimen 4-6 months prior to your first fitting. If you have a substantial weight loss goal, I would recommend even more time. Additionally, you are going to want to reach your weight loss goal by the time your first fitting begins (about 2 1/2 months before your wedding) and then plan to maintain from that point on. If you continue to lose weight after your first fitting, you could be looking at a higher-than-average alterations bill.

Focus on progress, not perfection
A wedding often turns even the most laid-back woman into a perfectionist. So much emphasis is placed on having the “perfect day”, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at things in a very black-and-white way. Weight loss is not a linear path and there is no such thing as perfection. Focus on making progress and allow for some set-backs, and you will be much more successful.

Nutrition is 80%, Exercise is 20%
While exercise is amazing, improving your nutrition is correlated with much success in losing weight and gaining energy than simply exercising more. As an avid Peloton rider, I often hear fellow riders ask the instructors where they get their abs from…and their answer is always “my abs are made in the kitchen.” There is so much truth to that, and while I always encourage exercise, the biggest change you need to make is with what you put in your mouth.

Don’t Go It Alone!
Want to make sure you stick to our goals? Grab your fiancé, maid of honor, bridesmaid, even mom to lose weight with you! After all, you aren’t the ONLY one who wants to look good on your wedding day! When you pair up with someone else, you hold each other accountable. And accountability is proven to be a huge motivating factor for those trying to lose weight. It’s easy to cheat on ourselves, but it’s harder to cheat on someone you care about. Pick one or two people who you know are truly motivated and ask them to get healthy with you. And then after your wedding, think of how amazing you will feel knowing that you inspired someone else to get healthy! I would also advise working with an expert who can help you evaluate your goals, come up with a program to make those goals achievable, and hold you accountable.

Reduce Stress
You’re probably thinking, “I’m planning a wedding, is this tip a joke?” And I get it. I remember being so stressed out while planning my wedding, and I wish I could go back and have a do-over (same guy though!) Research shows that the more stressed we are, the more cortisol is released into our body. And a higher level of cortisol is linked to weight gain, especially in women. Additionally, when we’re stressed, we tend to engage in habits that aren’t waistline friendly, such as eating and drinking. So acknowledge that while you can’t get rid of stress completely, you can take some steps to reduce it. Add exercise, get a massage, get better sleep, and delegate some of your wedding prep tasks!

Get Sleep
Try to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night on most nights. I know this may sound unrealistic to do all the time, but try to achieve it as often as possible. Even if you aren’t getting the full 6 hours, stack the odds in your favor that the sleep you get is restful. Studies show that those who are chronically sleep deprived have a much harder time losing weight. In this day and age, we tend to tie our self-worth into how “busy” we are, and so many people wear sleep deprivation like a badge of honor. It’s not, and it’s not going to serve you well in your weight loss goals!

Listen To Your Gut
Gut health…say what?!?! It’s not the most fun topic but quite important if you’re trying to lose weight. Even the healthiest of foods, like fresh fruit and veggies, are much less nutritionally dense today than they were 30 years ago. Add in all of the processed, sugar-laden food present today and our bodies are not functioning optimally. Your gut may very well be lacking in the good bacteria that keeps it healthy, as they are not given an environment to grow and thrive. This can lead to bloating and other digestive issues. We recommend adding an excellent quality probiotic to your diet each day as well as eating clean, unprocessed foods as often as possible (do 80% of your shopping at the perimeter of your grocery store and you should be good!)

Stay Hydrated
Water, water, water!! Drink as much water as possible. A good rule of thumb is to aim for ½-1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. So a 150 pound person should be drinking 75-150 ounces per day. Water does so many things for our body – aids in digestion, helps our brain function optimally, and actually helps us feel less hungry. In fact, the next time you think you’re hungry, drink an 8 ounce glass of water first. Our brains often mistake thirst cues for hunger cues.

Thank you, Ashley, for taking the time to share your wisdom with us! If you have any questions or are looking to get a jump start on your nutrition, please contact Ashley at Ashley is generously offering complementary consultations to anyone referencing this blog post.

Stay tuned for “Part 3” – Exercise Tips!

Vendors we Love: Shindig Lighting

I am so excited for today’s vendor feature!!! Dan Gombos started Shindig Lighting after seeing that the the wedding market was lacking in lighting production. And now, years later, he is THE person to go to in Connecticut and the surrounding area if you want the best of the best in lighting for your wedding! Not long after starting ALSW, I had the opportunity to meet this insanely talented (and incredibly nice) guy. Little did I know that Dan would end up working with TONS of ALSW brides. Read on below to find out how Dan approaches the wedding, what you should expect when working with him, and his favorite design that he has ever created! Thank you, Dan for taking the time to talk to us!

ALSW: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Dan: I worked for a catering company in Westport as a high school summer job. Toward the end of summer, after working enough events, I asked my boss what service was “missing” in our area. Without hesitation he responded “lighting”. And the rest is history. The next week I went out and started buying lighting fixtures (with no knowledge whatsoever of what I was doing) and hustlin’ to get those bookings!

ALSW: What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
Dan: While we’re not always on-site during the reception, our favorite part of the day is setting up. We love the energy and comradery of being around the other vendors. That’s where our relationships are made and help us do our job better!

ALSW: What do you feel is most important when meeting with a couple?
Dan: Since our business is very visual, it’s extremely important that the client understands the image we’re trying to paint and vice-versa. Lighting and decor is possibly the most foreign vendor a couple will book; a lot of words and phrases will be met with blank stares. It’s our job to convey, through words and visual imagery, what we’re talking about and how these services could be incorporated to their wedding.

ALSW: Where do you pull inspiration from?
Dan: We work hard on being ahead of the upcoming trends, which means, for the past 2 years, we’ve been looking alot at Australia. This upcoming season you’ll find a lot of lighter wood / rattan and natural colors from us. We invested heavily last year in certain items and have added a few more for this season. We’ll keep recommending these items and designs for the next year but will take cues from other parts of the world for what will be popular next year.

ALSW: What should a couple expect when working with you?
Dan: We consider ourselves a boutique company and only take a few events a day. This allows us to keep our services personal enough where we can really get involved and develop a design that is cohesive with the rest of the reception. While most couples are hesitant to give a vendor a “budget”, it’s crucial for us to know what they’re comfortable investing. We like to work backwards with a starting figure to make a cohesive design rather than work UP to a budget and play around with “which items can we mix-and-match to get to this number”?

ALSW: What would you say is your “style”?
Dan: We like to be on-trend but also offer classic options. We have classic styles of chandeliers (crystal, iron orbs, edison bulb beams) but also have more modern and current options (geometric brass, rattan market baskets, sputnik gold chandeliers). Our custom fabric options allow us to be traditional for a wedding or we can change the texture and style for a bar mitvzah. Flexibility allows us to adapt to what are clients are looking for.

ALSW: What would you say was your favorite design you’ve created so far?
Dan: This past summer we were hired to create a custom grid “chandelier”, which consisted of 3 10′ x 10′ lattice frames. From the lattice we suspended, at various heights, various sized iron orbs with chandeliers inside the orbs. In addition we also suspended, also at various heights, different sized grapevine balls wrapped with twinkle lights. In total we hung about 3 dozen fixtures, a dozen from each lattice section. Each lattice section was then suspended at different heights above the dancefloor, which really gave a unique texture to the ceiling area as well as creating great depth in the tent!

Below are a few of Dan’s favorite photos displaying his work! For additional photos, please visit the Shindig Lighting website!