Details: July 11, 2015 at First United Methodist Church of Chatham, MA (ceremony) & Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA (reception) 
 Judd Waddell (bridal gown), Toni Federici (veil), Marchesa (sash), Sara Gabriel (hair pins), Tipsy Skipper (bridesmaids clutches)
Photographer: Jenny Moloney Photography

What did you enjoy most about your experience with A Little Something White?

Ashley and the staff at A Little Something White made my experience absolutely perfect. From the moment I walked in until the day I left for my wedding with dress in hand over a year later, they treated me more like a friend than a customer. They were honest, warm and welcoming not only to me, but also to my family and friends. We enjoyed every minute of shopping in their store.

How did you and your husband meet?

Chris and I met at a Fourth of July party in 2003. We got married exactly 12 years and one week later. And we ended our wedding ceremony with what else, Sparklers!

How and where did you get engaged?

Two years ago we were opening up presents together under our Christmas tree and I was hoping for a ring. Chris gave me some sweaters, a phone, etc., so I figured a proposal wasn’t going to happen. I left the room to get a cup of coffee and when I returned he suggested I re-look at my stocking to see if I missed anything. I pulled out a small wrapped box which I opened to find the most beautiful ring I could have ever imagined. He then got down on one knee and the rest is history.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The day was full of emotion, anticipation, and the excitement of seeing all of our efforts come together. Every piece of it was magical. But I distinctly remember two moments. One was when I walked out the door after spending hours getting ready with my mom, sister, bridesmaids and flower girls. And I saw my dad patiently standing in front of an antique car waiting for us to arrive. He looked so proud and happy, I’ll always remember the look on his face. Two was the feeling of taking Chris’s hand on the alter. I remember looking down at our hands and thinking I’ll hold this hand tightly and lovingly for the rest of my life.

If you could give a piece of advice to a bride going through the process now, what would it be?

Enjoy all the experiences of planning and have fun with it. And if you don’t have a good experience (with a store or website) don’t use them! Find somewhere else that makes you feel special.