Details: August 8, 2015 at Florentine Gardens
 Kelly Faetanini (bridal gown), Erin Cole (jewelry), The Little Something White Collection (headband), Toni Federici (veil), Noir by Lazaro (bridesmaids dresses), Isabel Garreton (flower girl dress), Sara Gabriel (flower girl sash)
Photographer: Christopher’s Studio

What did you enjoy most about your experience with A Little Something White?

I loved everything about a Little Something White. I loved working closely with Ashley and all of her staff. They all love what they do and are knowledgeable about about their dresses! I truly found the perfect dress there and can’t ask for better!

How and where did you get engaged?

On the magical day of May 17, 2014 Frankie and I got engaged. As most of you know we see each other on a weekend basis and its rare when he is home from school that the weekdays are possible! With that said, on this particular Saturday in May we decided weekends prior that we wanted to go on a picnic because we haven’t been on one in a long time!

For the first time in all of our relationship my handsome man shows up right on time! To be exact I mean he was one minute late (10:01) but I will give him the one minute cause he’s worth it 🙂 As a couple we always like to fit everything into our schedules or fill the entire day with my “to-dos” This day turned out to be Pleasantville day and one of the weekends the Farmers Markets wasn’t in town.. I was pretty bummed that the Farmers Market wasn’t around but grew OK about it later in the day!!! Well knowing that it was P-ville day and that we still had to get lunch for our picnic I figured we would take a nice stroll in town and enjoy the gorgeous day, get a delicious frozen chai tea at Black Cow, walk around at all the tables (walking into some of my favorite campers) and of course pick up lunch at Frank and Joes. At this time, I am semi feeling rushed by my “soon-to-be fiance” and thinking to myself- what are we possibly in a rush for today? This may be the one weekend we don’t have a family gathering or a birthday to celebrate! Looking back I only knew my hunny was nervous and anxious to take “the ring” (that he supposedly had in his pocket this whole time) out and put it on my finger

Once our morning was settled and we are now ready for our picnic we walk up to Rockwood and as soon as we approach the gravel walkway Frankie goes, “Oh no Kris I forgot the camera!” But Frankie I say,- “what do you need a camera for we have our phones.” “Kris its such a beautiful day I’d like to get my camera, just work with me here,” he says. As I am standing all by my lonesome self my mind starts to wonder. “Ohh boy is this some special day I don’t know about- should I call Maria?? Am I getting engaged, ahhh- I can’t right now. But NO I thought to myself this can’t be we are going to enjoy a picnic that WE mutually planned- just go with it Kristen just go with it!!!!

Frankie finally returns as I am now questioning him up the wazoo and he is answering with such calm! We walk to our particular spot lounge, lay out my favorite blanket of all time, and put down the presents we have hauled. The plan was to exchange a graduation present for me and give Frankie his birthday presents! Frankie opens his gift gives a cute reaction with and then I open mine. Right before I open my green bag filled with goodies I had to put on my sunscreen so I didn’t crisp!! After I am finished applying the lotion Frankie then started to wipe off my fingers because they were “greasy.” Hmm, I thought in my head now thats silly, I can wipe my own hands if I needed to!!

Now that my fingers are all clean and not shinny I was given my “graduation gift” from the neon green bag! I was so excited and just started looking around the park and seeing adorable couples hanging out with one another and being all cute! I open the bag and find this leather covered scrap book (made from my favorite place- Shutterfly) with a story of our relationship. Boy was I crying my eyes out before I really got to even open to the first page!! Slowly flipping through the pages and enjoying every minute of it I approach the last page to find a page that reads: forever and always stay beautiful, stay perfect, I will love you forever, there should be a picture here, but I wanted to ask and show you something instead if you would kindly turn your attention to me my love… I turn to him with tears flooding because of how beautiful the book and day truly was!! Before he even gets to ask me I am saying, “YES, YES, YESS!!!!!” He eventually gets on one knee asks for my hand in marriage and his nerves get the best of him and the ring pops out of the adorable green box (that matched my favorite blanket) and asks me again!!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

EVERYTHING!! It was simply perfect!!