It is inevitable that your wedding gown will face at least minor damage throughout your wedding day, in the form of dirt or spills that you may not even notice as you are visiting with family or dancing with friends. Given that your wedding gown is a significant investment, we believe it is important for your gown to be professionally cleaned and preserved. Maybe you envision your daughter walking down the aisle in your gown one day, or perhaps you envision using the fabric of your wedding gown to create a christening dress for your granddaughter. Should this ever be the case, cleaning and preserving your wedding gown is a critical element in ensuring this can happen.

We are honored to work with one of the most reputable gown cleaning and preservation laboratories in the country, based here in Connecticut. The restoration lab we partner with has been endorsed by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and has been featured in the most distinguished bridal magazines, newspapers, and books. For detailed information on the process, please refer our Gown Cleaning & Preservation information sheet.

No appointment is required to take advantage of this service. Simply bring your gown and veil to A Little Something White during store hours and we will take care of the rest! Please contact us for gown cleaning and preservation prices, and we are excited to offer special pricing for A Little Something White brides!